The Common Garage Door Problems

It is the wish of every homeowner to have their garage doors opening and closing smoothly all the times they are in use. However, it is always problematic when the doors fail to work as expected. Some of the breakdowns do not require one to seek the services of a professional such as from overhead door company near me. Here are some of the common garage door breakdowns.

The door remains open or closed. Such breakdown is caused by several issues. If one is using a remote controller to open the door, they need to check the batteries, the remote sensors, and the switches. Those that open the door manually need to check if there is any obstruction in the track of the wheel. The breakdown may be as a result of low lubrication. Lubrication is significantly affected by the weather conditions and levels of heat. One of the primary reasons for having stuck doors is as a result of the door having been hung unevenly. Ensure all the cables holding the door are equal in length, and the spring is functioning evenly.

Uneven movements of the door. The best way to solve this problem is by removing the obstructions in the tracks of the door with services from commercial door companies near me. Clear the tracks and clean them and assess if the problem is solved. If the problem persists then you should check the springs. The springs should have similar length, and they should stretch equal distances. If the door is automatic, then the motors on either side of the door may be faulty. Replacing the motors may be the solution to the problem.

There may be noises when the door is opening or closing. Loud noises that are heard when the door is opening or closing is an indicator of dirt in the track of the wheel or lack of proper lubrication. Clean the track of the wheel removing all the dirt and anything else that may hinder the wheel to operate smoothly. Use proper lubricating oil on all the moving parts of the door. Close and open the door a few times to determine if the problem is solved.

The door lowers too quickly during closing. A falling door is a hazard to the people using it. This problem is brought about by broken cables or loose springs. Examine all the parts of the door when it is closed hence determining the cause of the problem. When one has pointed out the cause of the problem, they should get a professional to replace those parts as there are hazards that come with replacing the parts yourself.

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